Service personnel have years to crack take precautions to prevent touching this area or yamaha components in this area.
6 If the inserted disc cannot be ejected, it is possible to eject it manually.
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full 7 s 30 J TSX-100 Components having special characteristics are marked s and imaginefx must be replaced with parts having specifications equal to those originally installed.This manual has been provided for the use of patch authorized yamaha Retailers and their diablo service user personnel.Surge protector tact switch leaf switch lever switch micro switch push switch rotary encoder rotary switch with motor rotary switch slide switch speaker terminal wrapping terminal chip thermistor chip transistor digital transistor chip digital transistor transformer pulse patch transformer power transformer assy tuner pack, AM tuner.Removal of main(1).C.B.4) * Never touch the potentiometer installed language to the optical pick-up unit.S 29 J TSX-100 1 main 4/4 main (1) Page 31 B3 to smps_CN91 Page 31 D5 to smps_CN92 2 3 AC IN Page 28 J4 to main (1 champ PW1-5 4 Page 28 J4 to main (1 PW Components having special characteristics are marked.A-760 Yamaha, service a-760 Yamaha, m-40 Yamaha, b-6 Yamaha.Remove stopper gear A and then remove the gear.The service mode is activated and each firmware version is displayed at about 5 seconds intervals.Warning for power supply The primary side of the power supply carries live mains voltage when patch the player is connected to the mains even when the player is switched off!Important: The presentation or sale of this manual to any individual or firm does not constitute authorization, certification or recognition of any applicable technical capabilities, or establish a principle-agent relationship of any form.Remove flexible flat cable.(Refer to Disassembly Procedures).YST-SW150 Yamaha, a1 Yamaha, a500 Yamaha, a560 Yamaha.Remote control, all rights reserved.Do not stare at the laser beam at any time.Among some types of lead free solder currently available, it is recommended to use one of the following types for the repair work.Should any discrepancy appear to exist, please contact today the distributor's Service Division.B-6 Yamaha, cR-620 Yamaha, p2200 yamaha, m-60 Yamaha. Avoid prolonged, unprotected contact between solder and your skin!

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