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G92 Board Connectors 1x TV-Out 2x DVI-I Performance Level 0 Core crack Clk:.00 MHz alison Mem Clk:.00 MHz Fan Speed: 100 Performance Level 1 Core Clk:.00 MHz Mem Clk:.00 MHz Fan Speed: 100 Performance Level 2 Core Clk:.00 MHz Mem Clk:.00.
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Profile, geForce 8500 GT, standard 256MB 128bit graphics card, output.

Filename: m, vbios Version:.92.1F.00.70, uEFI Supported: No, bIOS Build date: 00:00:00, date added: 07:59:37, vbios Size:.
Memory Clock: 900 MHz, memory Type: gddr3, xFX, gf 8800gt 625m 512mb ddr3 dual xfx 98 gt manual dvi tv pci-e, nvidia GeForce 8800 GT PCI-E.0 x16 @ x16, gddr3, 512, - unknown.