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Recommended: Click here to fix Windows errors and optimize system performance.For fans of the most original Windows 7 games, here is a game simple tutorial to revive them on manual Windows.One of these options should work for you; depending on the version most of Win 7 you have, how it is done is going to differ manual a little bit.Now you have games from Windows 7 in Windows.They still exist on the system and are not uninstalled/removed.Once the Menu Bar appears, click Help and navigate through that to get instructions to hide games you do not use or want.The trick is to know when to leave things alone and when it is safe to go fighting ahead and remove.Open the Games folder fighting and go to Organize Layout and enable Menu bar clark by ticking.Well, here's the catch: These games come embedded in Win 7 and are a part of the Windows operating system, and I can tell you that, if all else manual runs as it should on Win 7, it is best to leave the games alone and.If you right click that, select properties, it should say, on the Shortcut tab, Target: and then the location of the file. Anything that comes with accelerator the operating system I leave alone; that is the difference.