This release, 2 months after.1.9, was necessary because some security issues were found (see SA 1104 and dlink the ipad VLC deskjet development team cares about security.
VideoLAN website gets a new home VideoLAN's main server, Ganesh, will be moving play to a new home at the crack French ISP Free.
Important improvements on Blu-Ray, Dash, version v4l2 and http inputs.Release: miniSAPserver.2.2 Minor bug fix of version the miniSAPserver.Several members of the VideoLAN team have started testing the vlan solution now that the vlanbridge works.New audio outputs for Windows Vista, Android, iOS, OpenBSD and OSSv4.Add hardware decoding for GNU/Linux using vdpau.We now can play DVDs at full framerate on a Celeron 366 using framebuffer output, which makes the vlc the fastest available software DVD player under Linux.We apologize for any manual inconvenience.VLC for Android.6.0 VideoLAN and the Android teams are happy to present abbyy the release of VLC for Android.6.0.You can download the sources for this release.It introduces version many new codecs, various playback core improvements (frame-by-frame, live-recording, instant manual pausing, etc.Renater IPv6 conference The VideoLAN team has a booth at the Renater IPv6 conference that takes place at the University of Caen (France).Knowledge of C and/or C programming will certainly be useful, but you don't need to be an expert, version nor a video player expert.Release: libdvbpsi.1.2 This release fixes miscellaneous router portability issues, and a bug in the PMT generator which created over-complicated PMTs.Attention: The first version of the OS X package didn't include the Flac decoder.Day 1 speaks about the early history of the project Please join the celebration!Cons, advanced knowledge: This app can do a lot more than router just play media, but to access any of those more advanced features, you need to have some technical knowledge. Note: If you have problems running the Mac Ontel version, please download again.

In addition, the announcement comes with a torrent of an x264-encoded Blu-ray disc containing entirely vlc player 1 latest version free content, such as the Open Movie Project videos.
Featuring AV1 decoding with dav1d, Android Auto, Launcher Shortcuts, Oreo/Pie integration, Video Groups, SMBv2, and OTG drive support, but also improvements on Cast, Chromebooks and managing the audio/video libraries, this is a quite large update.
VLC.0.0-rc1 and skins contest The VideoLAN project is glad to invite you to test the first release candidate of the Goldeneye version of VLC, numbered.0.0-rc1.