One of Reijis old colleagues, Hibiki who is now a setup freelance director scouts Ryuuya to files work for him.
Eventually Haruka somehow completes the simpletech song with her furry hands and the boys perform it and win the musisc festival.
Despite this Haruka cheers him on and tells Seira to gtfo and that Ringo is gonna put on an awesome show.
( The tutorials for the music games duong were really annoying and you couldnt skip through them.Ringo then keeps trying to imitate all the other utapri guys to see how it would fare duong for him when doing his male act lol.While shes at his house one day she brings it up but he tells her he was just frustrated and fighting with Ryuuya.She says that she intends to stay in Harukas body forever so she can secretly stalk Shining from mountain within her (o).Friend End: The 4 senpais perform at the Christmas concert and afterwards rage at each other for messing.Now lets hope Broccoli can get their act together and one day release a Uta no duong Prince Sama the idol love life or something with decent patch routes for the original princes and actually game giving Haruka some version decent screen time.If she cant do this, they will both be fired and Haruka will not be able to debut.Also I feel like the bonus CGs should have been front included during the confession scenes instead of shown after the fact meh.He also gives her a necklace with a little glass slipper as a charm to congratulate her on her debut.Ranmaru yells at Camus and says that he has no passion in his singing.( ) She shoves the song in his face going AT least hear MAH music beetch.Camus is like whatever just take it and shoves the bear into Ranmarus face :lol.And the reward CG was just some bust shot of the guy with a starry sky. He ninja says that he still distrusts people but hell make an acception for Haruka, and if shes ok with that hell be her partner.