Xsv metadata The file "Metadata" is useless, but the computer other two files are text files that you durafon can edit.
Type in: cd "Data" - agent Type in: xbig.
Xsv" in a text editor.
Use "Blank - Russian.Note: When units are promoted they get bonus points to spend, and if manual your stats are all manual equal to the max, it will player not let you proceed.Search for the value 'actualFinance' and change the value after it to 2,000,000,000 to get that much money.End turn to win.Numpad cell Enter Returns the camera player to default settings.Spacebar Press it during manual aliens' turn to end double their turn immediately.Note: Combat mission saves, when unpacked, also have an manual additional file, patch "missionSave.Numpad - Zoom splinter camera in and out.S Fully reveals fog of splinter war and grants complete viewing splinter range.On to editing some specific values.F9 - Displays some debug info including FPS.There's lots of good cheats here, including recruiting soldiers, leveling them, money, etc.F10 - Disables displaying of the debug info.For me, the game crashed. Run CMD (the manual dosbox window).