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In the manual Transformers: Cybertron comics, the tank version of Unicron procedure is only the same size as an average Transformer, and is shorter than the Autobots Sentinel Maximus and Omega Prime, whom he episodes fought.
This results in a games Unicron in the Shattered Glass universe who is wholly good, with a counterpart Primus who is entirely evil.The Japanese equivalent, Galaxy Force, makes several scattered references to style Unicron, as the Japanese producers for the series decided not to have Galaxy Force follow the events of Micron Legend (the Japanese equivalent of Armada ) and Super Link (the Japanese equivalent of Energon ).Kre-O Transformers Kreon loser Micro-Changer Galvatron (2012) Part of the blind packed preview wave of Kreon Micro-Changers.Unicron begins to take over Megatron's body.Starscream demands that Unicron restore his own body so that he can complete the required connections.Following his defeat at the conclusion of The Headmasters, Galvatron's icy tomb is discovered by Cyclonus, whose body Galvatron modifies to accommodate his own head electro in the chest compartment.Likewise, Primus is a "multiversal singularity but while games Unicron is limited in this ability, and can only exist in one materials reality at a time, travelling between them, Primus co-exists in all realities simultaneously.The comic version of Unicron may be far larger.In combat, Primus is no match for Unicron; in cunning, he proves himself to be his brother's superior when he shifts their battle to the astral plane, and then back unpublished to the physical world, sacrificing most of his strength saved to manifest their essences within metallic.After gathering the capsules, Unicron attempts to make Cybertron his new body, but is defeated by Maximal commander Big Convoy.Designer Aaron Archer did not want such a historical action figure to be overshadowed by a Go-Bots pun, so the name was rice changed to Dead End, re-using a name of one of the original Stunticons.Shokaract travels back in time to secure the Essence and destroy the Maximals, only to be engaged in battle by the Covenant of Primus.According to Transformers: Unicron, he was created by an alien scientist from the planet Antilla, where it was invaded by Shockwave (under the disguise of Onyx Prime).Unicron awakes to find himself surrounded by another universe, and begins to destroy it again.Seeking a more fitting form, Galvatron directs Cyclonus neverwinter to approach the disembodied head of Unicron, who is convinced to help Galvatron attain a combiner form with Cyclonus as its core.With subconscious nudgings, Unicron leads Megatron to a large reservoir of "Super Energon" beneath Cybertron's surface, which transforms him into Galvatron.Publication history winrar edit Marvel handy Comics adps edit In the comics, Unicron is a fallen god from before the universe existed who seeks the ultimate peace granted by the destruction of all life. He is last seen entering convulsions, indicating he is no longer a threat.
With the danger apparently over, Galvatron challenges Prime to a final battle, but the hatred between the foes stirs Unicron to life again, and upon realizing this, Galvatron decides to sacrifice himself to ensure there will be no more hatred.
Sebbene le missioni possano essere un po' ripetitive ad un certo punto, Transformers: The Game offre effetti visivi di alta qualità con una copia esatta dei robot del film e grandi esplosioni e luci.