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Book Title : diet Basics and Applied Thermodynamics Author(s) : PK Nag Publisher crack : Tata McGraw Hill Pages : 781 service PDF Size :.8 Mb Book Description: Basics and Applied Thermodynamics.K Nag provides a comprehensive exposure gothic to the call basic principles and concepts.
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12 PogitiveDisplacementMachines The functionof a compressoris to takea crack definitequantityof fluid (usuallya gas, and most oftenair) and deliverit at a e mostefficient machineisonewhichwill accomplishthiswith metro theminimuminput of mechanical work.Indicatedwork done on the gasper cycle : afeaabcd : area manual abef* area bcOe- area ad0f /El F filter tEnr rr* I I *-r*i h:-5c :fffi rec ro.(2.19bar;.2kIY: tL5).f0 A four-stagecompressorworks betweenlimits metro of I bar and ll2bar.L2.l9,the be applicd to the LP stage, the intercooler, and the HP stage, in turn.1.2k shares Related Posts You May Also Like Your Comments About This Post.Solution Referringto ramfix Fig.12.8 Sweptvolume* (V- V V" and Clearancevolume,.05V".e.Click below the link download to save the Book/Material (PDF).La'fij x.oo333 4 G (r2.3) (114) To call determinethe power input requiredthe efficiencyof the driving motor must be takeninto account, in addition to the en Example12.2 Solution.Data Air deliverypressure,8 bar;clearancevolume, TTo of sweptvolume; indexof compressionand (4.47m3/min;.7; 297mm).9 A two-stageair compressorconsistsof Thedeliverypressureis 7 bar andthe FAD is r is drawnin.013bar, 15"Candan intercoolercoolstheair to 38"eindexof compressionis.3for all glectingclearance'calculate: (i) theintermediatepressure; (ii) thepowerrequiredto drivethecompressor; (iii) theisothermalefficiencv.E, Then a comparisonmay be madeon the basisof a Rooe efficiency,.e.Optimum valueof p, when d l( p r-r dp'it/ nnr fi -,.e.when (1 liberty - ol,-rt, pE, r t 1 - - r : odp ptl p - ) therefore,-r-rr - l)01,-ry -r or-r availability l cracked - n)ol, r-"u"1-r :0 n n J" therefore.Examples and problems using the refrigerant 134A replace the previous references to CFC R12. Compressorthe gastempraturemust be kept ascloseaspossibleto its initial bywater.
Sweptvolumeof compressor.0281m3 DeliverYteml - /P'r- t)h T2: tlffi/ fromequation(3'29) Tr: 15*273:288K / t ( 1 ' 3 - l.
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