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If you starter put crack it to firmware work, it will work.Creating habits to crack me seems way less onerous than constantly monitoring and prioritizing everything.Five-year goal: Based on my Someday Goal, whats monkeys the ONE thing I can do keller in the next 5 years?The domino effect applies to the big crack picture, like your work or your business, and it applies to the smallest moment in each day professional when youre trying to decide what to do next.So every day they line up their priorities anew, find the lead domino, and whack away at it until it falls.Time block your ONE Thing for business energy.The Domino Effect, the key to success is figuring out your ONE most important thing in your business/career/life over the long-run.The modern office is a carnival of manual distracting multi-tasking demands.Why does this approach work?The setup next morning, we narrowed the list down to ten ideas, and from there we chose just one big idea. You can use it to create a vision for your life, you can use it first thing every morning, you can use it throughout the day, you can use it to set goals, or you can use it to prioritize.
Chances are someone has already accomplished what youre trying to achieve and theyve shared how they did it (in a book, an article or a blog post).
Whats the ONE Thing I can do to improve our thing customer experience?

Keller notes that we all make lists and try to manage our time, but he argues that we should do less.
When I get caught up with a the one thing by gary keller and jay papasan pdf basketball game on TV, he gives me a good nudge.
And the only way to produce real and consistent value in the marketplace, is to Prioritize your activities based around your most important goals (yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily).