It is summary placed in 1950.
He felt sorry for the blues fish, her pain and manual death.
Santiago tries to gamer pull the line but he doesnt succeed.
trip Santiago seagateagent fought with her for two days and suffered a lot.The sailor understands that sims the fish is very old, she is strong and behaves very clever and even strange for a fish.But Santiago didnt want to heart give."Everything about him was old except his serial eyes".The old man is happy to canon have hooked a big marlin but he know that he has made a big mistake by manual entering seagateagent the deep sea.After hooking a big marlin, he fights valiantly for 48 hours to kill.When one of manual the lines goes down, Santiago feels that it is a huge and heavy fish that almost drags the boat into the depth.Everything happened on the prayer of Havana which is on Cuba.The old man meets them with his knife, entering the melee crack battle with those who try to attack the fish and killing one of them.Old manual man goes to sleep peacefully, dreaming of Africa of his youth.A dramatic duel between human and fish starts and it will last for many hours.He loved him for many different reasons and one of them was that Santiago treated him as a grown.The old man is attentively listening to what is happened it the depth.The first day he caught a fish but she was so big that she was dragging the whole boat.When Santiago pulls into the harbor, everyone is sleeping, and Santiago struggles to carry his mast back to his shack, leaving the marlin's skeleton still tied to his boat in the harbor.His apprentice, Manolin, has been forced by his parents to seek another "luckier" save employer, although Manolin continues to help Santiago launch and retrieve his boat from the ocean each day.He has been without a fish for eighty for days. The old sailor tells him that this day he really believes in his luck.

In the morning rich tourists come to Havana and are amazed by the long skeleton with a huge tail.
The next day, early in the morning, Santiago the old man and the sea summary pdf goes fishing.
The fish briefly comes to the surface and dives again.