Josh Brent checked in during this factory time, dropping Rob Kelley to 5th.
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"TV Ratings Broadcast Top 25: Sunday Night Football Again Tops Week 7 Viewing Among Adults 18-49 and is Number 1 With Total Viewers".
The Detour was a choice between Spin It or Bull.

11th Rob 1, Sheila 1 A red team placement indicates that the team finished the leg in last place and was eliminated from the race.
In the final Roadblock of the Race, the team member that did not perform the first Roadblock was required to attach the words for "hello" and "goodbye"as said to them by the Pit Stop greeter in their native language in the eight foreign countries visited.
They were left the amazing race season 21 episode 1 to figure out that they were given the flag of the Netherlands and their next destination was Amsterdam.