telkom billion adsl router manual

Press the manual Apply button.
Before you adsl cheats start please refer to manual the full Before you start section in this document see page.O, telkom VPN-Lite Ver:.3 250908, game to ensure that the nikon utility works dummies correctly please temporarily disabled all software firewall applications.In the menu in the left press Configuration Advanced Static Route the following screen will appear in the right.On start up king you will be requested to provide login information to connect to the router.Your routers IP address is now changed to the new IP entered italian in the previous step.Telkom VPN-Lite Ver:.3 250908 Page 7 You will require you VPN-Lite site username and skyrim password that you retrieved from black the Telkom vpnlite setup site.In the internet address bar type in http and press enter.Make sure that your adsl Modem/Router and PC are turned.Web based GUI Supports web based GUI for configuration and management.That means you do not have to install a network adapter first on your PC before connecting the adsl Modem/Router.Here you can setup your Internet Account information, VPN Lite and with the advance settings you can change your dhcp settings.Firmware Upgradeable Device solutions can be upgraded to the latest firmware through the WEB.On successful authentication you will arrive at the admin prompt.Telkom VPN-Lite Ver:.3 250908 Page 5 album Internet Service Provider student Account Setup Select Activate Internet Account configuration tick box coolpix to set your Internet username and password.Setting up the VPN-Lite solution:. Click on Multiple Session-Second Session and check the enable tick next to Multiple SessionSecond Session.

On the Telkom VPN-Lite setup site you would have received a LAN Subnet address that could look like this /24.
The user name is admin and the password is admin.