This will assure game that any condensate forming in the heater teledyne vent pipe booster booster will flow back to with the driver heater laars where it can be disposed of properly.
Laars Lite 2 LG ( ) - LG125N, LG175N, LG250N, LG325N, LG400N.This will allow for a more efficient operation by removing any residual heat contained in the edition heat exchanger back to the pool. Immediately call your gas supplier from a nearby phone.To install editor a time clock auxiliary switch into the heater lite wires (see Figure.Support vent piping with suitable hangers so its weight does not power bear on the heater or building penetration and so that piping joints are not strained.Jandy Zodiac R0012200 Laars Swimming Pool Heater Fusible Link Assembly booster Kit.95.2.Locate the vent terminal so the vent exhaust does not settle on building surfaces and other nearby objects.In locations with freezing climate, extension of the vent pipe outside of the building should be minimized.Rinse the piping with water heater after testing.What TO DO IF YOU smell GAS.Buy It Now, this natural gas valve is designed to use with Zodiac Jandy Lite2 LG pool and spa heater models 125, 175, 250, 325, 400. Both should terminate at least 12" (30.5cm) above the snow accumulation level.

Special Precautions for Propane Gas (LLG Only) Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas is heavier than air.
The vent outlet must discharge away from the combustion air inlet - normally in a horizontal direction when on a wall and vertically upward when on a roof.
Caution teledyne laars lite2 pool heater manual Some leak test solutions (including soap and water) may cause corrosion or stress cracking.