supreme commander beta patch 2.0

Navigation fixes kuka for mightymax Cybran Protobrain and UEF experimental Transport.
TotalMayhem.21 is for dawn gameversion manual 3649 and lower.
Edit The Betaversion of the mightymax game is available again over the cracked manual FAForever Lobby.So lets try a hack to get the robot beta Version of the dawn game; Ok, i expect you are already playing with the FA Forever Lobby, and you had already started a game over Play - jafor Create Custom Games - FAF.Dead player indication on in-game scoreboard.Rarx, edit Please use FAForever for Beta Download!(Play - Create Custom Games - FAF Beta).TotalMayhem.23 is for gameversion 3652 and higher.New Multiplayer Leaderboards, also added message to players when crack they leave the chat on Summary screen and on Skirmish.The list of changes and fixes is pretty sizable, as you can see here, but aside from a few balance and AI tweaks, the game's economy appears to be the main thing that's changed.Supreme Commander 2 wasn't neccessarily the most complete game at its release.Highlight on top scores in summary screen.Range rings for Illuminate Space Temple.Open the shortcut and change the Command line (target) to: /init commander init_a, rename the Shortcut to 3652beta (or whatever you want).Gas Powered Games have released a new patch crack for Supreme Commander 2, over two years since the last update hit.Setting Exclusions in skirmish lobby will no longer reset player choices (color, team etc).Proto season Brain vision radius increased.Now make a Desktopshortcut from the file: (Rightclick the file and select "Send to" - Desktop Shortcut.You should now see the version 3652.Sadly the beta is not public at the moment. Gas Powered Games' Steve Bauman has manual assured us that "there's nothing of any significance to the timing of the patch but GPG were recently acquired by t, so I'm not ready book to lower my eyebrow just yet.
Patch 1, edit, improved path-finding and performance for larger games.
For the Gameversion 3650 is no TotalMayhem mod available.

Rare Desync fix, improved Eyefinity support, victory message for Players in MP game.
Now, download the Beta Files from my webspace here: /Programmdata.
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