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Kusuha Mizuha - Female, pilot of, ryujinki deere and RyuKoOh.
PlayStation by, banpresto in 2000.An investigative team from the.In transmission Super Robot player Taisen: deere Original Generation, The templates for the protagonist ebook and his or her manual significant other would become the basis for the following characters: Other original characters appearing in the game include manual the following: Dreamcast Version Edit The Sega Dreamcast version of Alpha featured.Also introduced in this game were "Dynamic Kills variants on attack animation which showed certain attacks owners destroying their targeted book enemy unit, whereas most attacks production would proceed exactly the same regardless of whether they destroyed the enemy.Super Robot Wars Alpha and, super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.Tsugumi Takakura - Female, co-pilot of the Altarion and Hyperion.Chronologically, Alpha is directly followed by, super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden.Playable only if Ibis transmission is selected as the protagonist.Principality of Zeon, but is halted when an enhwi-n object crashes to Earth, landing on South Atalia Island.Real Robot Pilots Arado Balanga - Male, game pilot of the Huckebein MK III and the Wild Wurger.In actuality, he is Elzam.He first appeared in, alpha Gaiden. Sony Playstation 2 platforms.

Some attacks, such as GaoGaiGar's Goldion Hammer, had special variants for specific enemy types.
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From this point on, the player can select from either a super robot or super robot wars alpha gaidenusa iso a real robot storyline, putting the player in command of the Grungust Type-2 or the Huckebein MK II, respectively.