stronghold legends crack 1.2 pl

Bug Fixes * Screenshots can now be taken using Alt.
The host can lock all players alignments to drivers the same as the hosts alignment.
New siege tower system - When moving a siege tower, the troops on top of installer the siege tower will no longer manual dismount.Players can delete save games and user created maps within the game.Map Editor: The honda Leave Map/Stay on Map button fixed.The number of troops that have used an ice tunnel now displays correctly.Arrow keys can be used to scroll load/save screens.Please, login or, sign stroke Up to post a comment, disqus Comments.End of mission voice-over will no longer play over the next installer mission's story introduction screen.Guard option now implemented To guard a unit, crack select a unit/group of units, click triumph the guard button and then click on the unit you wish to guard.Archers and crossbowmen will now move within range when commanded pccmsi to attack an enemy.Map Editor: The Siegfried, Saxon Warlord, and Pictish Boat Warrior units no longer appear in dead the availability tab.Multiplayer - Crossbowmen are more effective against giants in multiplayer mode only.When a building stops working a yellow exclamation mark will appear above the building indicating there are no resources available to keep crack the building functioning or not enough space available to store the resources it has produced.Map valleylab Editor - The brush sizes full updated correctly when switching tool menus in the Map Editor.Danke schon ma im vorraus. Multiplayer - 'The keep is enclosed' message does not play during the loading developer screen.
The Dragon timing out and dying in Legends Trail map works correctly.
Demonic Bats can now be ordered to stand ground so they will not attack nearby games enemy troops.

Cows now "splat" on landing when launched from a trebuchet!
Various text cut-offs and tooltip boxes improved.