soundcraft spirit live 4 2 manual

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Microphone input The Microphone input is via a manual standard female XLR-3 connector and is available when the line -20dB switch linux is released.
Home, about, contact, user Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your SoundCraft Spirit Live 4 Home Theater Server, Music Mixer.ON Pressing this sw itch tu rns ON the feed s to the Au x Send s and ou tp u t bu sses.If the gain is set too low, you w ill not find enou gh gain on the fad ers to bring the signal u p vmware to an ad equ ate level.You're reading an excerpt.It can also be u sed for filtering ou t low frequ ency.The front panel drawing inside the rear cover shows typical initial control positions cheat which may be found a useful guide to setting up the mixer for the first codes time.The Auxiliary Sends p rovid e a w ay of product rou ting the inp u t signals to a nu m ber of second ary ou tp u ts, for artists fold back, echo u nits or ad d itional sp eaker ou.O The level of the MON O ou tp u t (9) is set.An equ aliser resp codes onse cu rve affecting only a band of frequ encies.e.AUX genuine selection The flexibility of the Aux send control (4) is maximised by a choice of destinations on the two Stereo sections.EQ ualiser The Equ aliser(EQ) com p rises three sections. System and the op erator existed only to increase the overall volu m e of the p erform ers, so that they cou ld be heard in a large room or above high am bient noise levels.
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Instructions for use soundcraft spirit live.