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Have fun with photo slideshows, watch DVDs with Dolby.1 channel surround sound.Works with broadcast TV: crack cable, satellite, antenna.You can even remotely control Personal snapstream Video Station 3 from an Internet service browser, your WAP engineers cell phone, or a web-enabled Pocket.Beyond TV's electronic programming guide.TV announcements, tO THE classroom, a Few SnapStream Customers.No Subscription Fees.Something went wrong while submitting the form.Requires Win 2000 or XP, TV Tuner Card, 600 Mhz Processor, 128 MB Ram, Video Card, DirectX 9, 10.More Customers 2019 SnapStream, Inc.Share on Twitter Facebook as words native video, GIFs and manual Screenshots.Access movies on-demand with SnapStream Spotlight.Search closed captioning find exactly the right TV moment.Refine TV searches by fiesta TV show name, genre, and more.Automatically sync recordings to iPod, iPhone or Apple TV* toolbox - Intelligent Program Guide resolves conflicts - Record hdtv from free, over-the-air or Clear QAM digital TV signals.Record TV, record lots of TV - up to 100 channels at once.S like having manual Beyond TV on all PCs and laptops in your home!Beyond TV link lets everyone in your home network access all the recordings on your entertainment hub. Watch TV on PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, televisions, and more.
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