sims 3 pets no cd crack 1.34

I sims am now hearing of these things called "cracks"?
I lost the 2012.
Any idea of what I could games be doing wrong?
On isuzu my PC, I downloaded the nrass treatment Mod and it worked without a cinch.I already bought the game.Update: Do you mean neptune Karma?Also, patch my mod is in Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages.I used mods on games my PC, never patch a crack.I have the case saved it came in, but.I had this Mac since 2008, and it never had a single problem with hardware, crashing, viruses, etc.I always saved downloaded the mods on my PC, with no problem, so I'm pretty sure I got saved that part right.Is it the same?Showtime, fixed an issue where fires created by Unicorns reignite repeatedly after being extinguished.Hi, now please don't go telling me that "Pirating is bad" and "This is illegal".And I don't think.Show more, hi, now please don't go telling me that "Pirating is bad" and "This is illegal".Three times, to be exact.I thought it was working until heels I got to the loaded households, pets and it said "Please insert the Sims 3 Pets before continuing with the options of Retrying and Quitting.I lost the 2012 copy near the end of my school games year, and I looked everywhere.I used my USB to move the mod to my Mac, treatment and I changed the original files so when I click the icon, it uses the TS3.exe thing and skips the launcher.Ever since 2009, I lost my game once a year, and bought another pets copy. I got the.C.
I can't find it!
Last September, and it crashed in June.