I rather like the features the Digital Pitch Gauge repair 2 has to repair offer, and it appears to chevy be benefit very accurate, too.
Damage resulting from irregular, not intended use of manual the product, accidents, or weather conditions is manual not covered in this policy.
Clearly, measuring the pitch-angle of the main blades at various throttle values is an essential part of setting up any collective pitch course helicopter.For those new manual to collective pitch helicopters, the term "pitch curve" merely refers to a sequence of settings repair in the transmitter that governs how much the main blades tilt, or pitch, as the throttle stick is moved user from 0 to 100 throttle.The protractor pitch gauge enables one to determine the angle between the main blades and a flybar, or other similar horizontal rod attached to the top of the helicopter's main shaft.We will work with you.The repair tab of tape can be removed from the post card and then the pitch gauge is ready to be stored for future use.Buy It Now, free therapy Shipping 3 watching 10 pitch sold, click here to see description.Gartt 700 RC course Heli Parts.A short.0mm bolt with two washers and two nuts, shown in Figure 3, is used to loosely attach the protractor to the post card.RC Logger Digital Helicopter Pitch Gauge 40001RC.99 Buy It Now 15 watching 113 sold Flybarless RC helicopters often makes it difficult for pilots to adjust and check the pitch set-up of helicopter main rotor blades.As shown in Figure 4, a loop of thin thread is hung activation on the portion of the bolt extending beyond the protractor while a small weight is suspended from the other end of the thread just below the bottom of the protractor.Digital Pitch Gauge.66. Please obtain documents during purchase in order to be honored by manual the distributor.

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No more worries about affected readings.
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