Braniac (15 points Complete the last time puzzle room in 40 seconds or less.
Temporal Pacifism (10 points Complete Quantum Annex 3 without harming a ideal Teratrope.
Son of Kaden Complete the Hoverboot course in 45 seconds or less.Orvus' Son (15 points Timebomb 250 projectiles.Nefarious Space Station (15 Total Points).Hardcore Difficulty edit, beat the game on any difficulty to unlock Hardcore difficulty.Round Trip (15 points Defeat an enemy with the Spiral of Death game while the energy spiral is returning.If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please click edit and game add.Box Breaker, spiral of Death manual Negotatior 4 Zoni Gold Bolts Skill Points firewall edit Here's how to get each of the game's Skill Points: Weapons Wrenchmaster - alone Defeat 3 ennemies with a single wrench throw Round Trip - Defeat an enemy with the Spiral of Death.Air cocaine Lombax (30 points Defeat 50 enemies while the player is in mid-air.Custodian of Time, fix 50 broken objects.Destruction game (175 Total Points) Magic Bullet (10 points Defeat 2 enemies with one bullet.Custodian of Time (30 points Fix 50 repairable objects in the Great Clock.Impatient Champion Complete the challenge Gone in 60 Seconds in less than 45 seconds.Phylax easy Sector I Think I'm Gonna easy Be Sick crack Perform 5 easeus U-Turns in 20 seconds.Molonoth alone Fields Spring Cleaning - Destroy all the scrap heaps of the Monolith Meadows Son of Kaden - Complete the hoverboot course in less than 45 seconds Vela Sector Chasing Tail - Stay behind comet for 15 seconds No Respect For The Dead - Destroy.Lifted and Gifted (35 points Complete a Battleplex challenge entirely on Hoverboots.Master icos Blaster Keep Qwark 's blaster in the hot state for 60 seconds in My Blaster Runs Hot.Bernilius Sector (25 Total Points hit and Run (25 points Destroy 10 enemies by ramming them with the Quantum Reflector.The plumber states that what Clank needs is in the hole, but when Clank asks whether the plumber will join him, he replies "Plumbers don't jump down green holes, that'd be ridiculous".Phylax Sector (30 Total Points i Think I'm Gonna Be Sick (5 points Do 5 U-turns within 20 seconds. Shock Therapy (15 points Defeat an enemy trapped by the Mag-Net using the Telsa Spike.
Regifter Kill two enemies at the same time with Clank.
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Molonoth Fields Spring Cleaning Destroy every trash pile in Monoloth Fields.
They can only be destroyed ratchet and clank crack in time cheats codes by explosives.