Player no globalization longer has grenade controls during cutscenes * Player is no mower longer able to carry enemies into cut scenes.
P Report problems with download.
Player can now no longer create and save unpurchasable custom loadouts by including multiple pieces of service kit equipment.
Reduced initial visibility time of grenade launcher shell very slightly *Improved the behavior of guided rockets, when aiming through player collision proxies.Added a missing texture at the base verbs of doorway leading to schoolhouse roof from staircase in village.Scaled grenade launcher projectile for patch better visibility.Fixed issue where resetting gamepad control with Default button doesn't enable Force physics Feedback.Fixed issue where explosions manual had no sound when hitting vtol or helicopter *Added overheat sounds for vtol and helicopter guns *Fixed issue with vtol weapons not clash overheating correctly read *Greatly increased AAA damage vs vtol and Helicopter *Adjusted damage of rockets.Reduced damage to trucks during slow collisions.Sounds to handheld and vehicle mounted moar/moac * C4 will now stick to doors correctly * C4 can no longer stick to the surface of water * Fixed an issue where the player could shorten the shot duration of the moar near the edges.Fixed potential server exploit that could cause servers to crash manual clans * Fixed crash with AI manual triangulation in the editor.Server admins can now remove the server password with 'sv_password 0'.Added additional audio feedback for player hitting enemies.Fixed konversi issue where tutorial message warning player of an enemy base is played too late.Virtual keyboard now functions correctly when a game pad is connected *Fixed an issue where users can lose the ability to look around with the Right Stick.Make sure to get the.D between server and clients.Adjusted odd looking random rotation values for grenade launcher projectile *Adjusted explosion service radius of grenade launcher to be more efficient vs players *Decreased air speed of grenade launcher projectile for better readability.Fixed bolting/pumping sound not playing when firing shotgun, precision rifle and gauss rifle in scope view. Fixed a number of issues where projectiles are not playing explosion effects and sounds on clients.
Patch.2 can be applied to both vanilla Crysis (v1.0) and Crysis.1 since it will update automatically to Crysis version.2.
Fixed claymore/mine globalization limit not being applied properly.

Added mod probleme crysis 1.2 patch emulationssoftware loader to the main menu.
Frogs will no longer block the player?