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DMC-FZ8_PP ok hoody 16 Preparation The number of recordable manual pictures About the Battery when using the Viewfinder (charging/number of recordable (Recording conditions comply with cipa standard.) inus pictures) Number performance manual of Approx.
DMC-FZ8_PP ok 8 Preparation Preparation 1 Battery Pack Standard Accessories (Indicated as battery in the text) 2 Battery Charger Check that all the accessories are included (Indicated as charger in the text) before using the camera.Initial setting Changing the clock setting The clock is netgear not set so the following speed screen 1 Press menu/SET.DMC-FZ8_PP ok 7 ZE/quality date magix stamp Setting a picture size and quality that Stamping information such as matches your use of the pictures.80 the date on the recorded pictures.100 audio REC.190 min) The battery life The number of recordable pictures (By Playback time when using the LCD font monitor cipa standard in program AE mode ) Playback time Approx.Ensure that the lens extra cap is firmly attached.Electric shock OR product The serial number is on the tag located on DAM.Do not take a picture while the lens hood is temporarily stored.VQT1B25, before connecting, operating or adjusting this inus product, please read the instructions completely.DMC-FZ8_PP ok 6 Taking yorkshire Pictures using the Built-in Flash.43 Contents Taking Pictures with the Self-timer.47 Compensating the Exposure.48 Taking Pictures using Auto Bracket.Hood In bright sunlight or backlight, the lens hood will minimize lens flare and ghosting.2 Pass the same string through the hole on the camera.For USA assistance, please call: or send e-mail to : For Canadian assistance, please call: lumix ( ) or send e-mail to: PC, p DMC-FZ8_PP ok 1 next, sign performance In to ManualsOnline, sign Up for ManualsOnline.It is also manual compatible with sdhc Memory Cards based on SD Memory The built-in memory can be used as a Card Specifications and formatted in temporary storage device when the card FAT32 system.(optional) You can record or play back yorkshire pictures on the built-in memory when you are not using.PP, before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Camera also becomes warm during deep use.
This is an overview of how to record and Set the clock.
51 Information for Your Safety.

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The lens hood cuts off excess lighting and improves panasonic dmc-fz8 user manual the picture quality.