Requires OneForAll RemotePanasonic DVD-S75 - Region 1 ntsc-only cannot be unlockedPanasonic DVD-S97 - PAL/ntsc ninja players.
Release both buttons your holding after the model on/off button relights.
Turn on home theater gear components or devices like tv, blu-ray that you kjaer want to set up with RCA manual Universal remote.It broke down after a month, i had to go into all te hassle of with the warranty.Hope this manual helped to solve anyone's problems with this dvd player.This past weekend, i bought a sony home theater system and hooked it up to my dvd and big-screen.By gabe klh dvd 221 (11:09am est asus tue jun 12 2001) hi there, i've been using the dvd 221 since last xmas and it's working great.Its a no frills dvd player and it works fine, but it is a little noisy.Not only that, but people opting for a low cost dvd player are asus probably going to be swayed from puchasing considering that most dvd movies cost 1/5 what their player costs.You probably already know how manual the DVD region system works.Now whos stupid by silly boy multiregion hacks (8:04pm est thu nov 18 2004) hello: i just want know how to make these dvd players region 1 play region 2 dvds: ge 1106p-b panasonic dvd-f61a mintek mdp-5861 by bulgod surprised (7:30am est mon dec.Next, simultaneously press and hold the component button(TV / Blu-Ray / DVD) and the on/off button.If they can be rented at appx.And no-name brand dvd players with all the features for as low as 69 (thats like (us)54.There are several, packages, to choose from in thier catalog.You have to pay at least 229 for a player that will play vcd disks correctly with sound with and color.For the person who said the sound sucked, you either received a bad one, or you need your ears checked.American High VCR 2021, amtron TV 1038, anam National TV 1003, 1038, 1192, 1193, 1194.By manual why get a dvd player?I love my setup.By asdf (6:46am est fri dec 31 2004) now at us, we can get an asus exceptional dvd player at 20 when they're on sale at walmart or fry's electronic.By i bought two don't get the sunday paper do you? By alabamadvdboy portable dvd players (9:54pm est thu dec 26 2002) i just cant find a desant one for a resonable price by michael re: portable dvd players (3:47pm est mon dec 30 2002) for a 200 one, go to your local wal-mart.
It doesn't play cd-r's or cd-rw's.