nortel networks m3902 user guide

Charcoal or Ash, operating Environment, temperature 0B: C to 50B: C (32B: F to 122B: F).
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Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack.
Typical Setup Using Amplifier: If using any H-Series headset and amplifier, the amplifier will guide plug into the handset latest port on your games phone.Note 4: Software updates may be necessary to work with PC application; visit the Plantronics user software download page.Visit, understanding guide Amplifiers Cables.Headsets, amplifiers version and direct connect cable all join together using a quick-disconnect connection.Note 2: Carbon Phone CS500 Series not compatible.Maximum handset volume control levels are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). An amplifier gives complete volume control for your user speaker and microphone.The EHS electronically establishes calls on newer phones without the mechanical motor and physical movement of your handset, but otherwise accomplishes the same thing. .Self-labeling keys, "Smart" Mute, and user-selectable options make this a powerful single-line solution.Local Plug-in AC Transformer for cartridge-style accessories. The cable will plug into your headset port and you will simply file press a ringing line to answer and the headset button to disconnect the call.Console: NT4X09AG none none none none Nortel Silhouette: 8003-FEW-42 none none none none Nortel Smile QD P10/2250 Savi Series 2 HL10 telkom Nortel.O.P.Standards, meets or exceeds applicable CSA, UL, and EIA poison specifications. There are LED lights poison on the base to indicate power, charging user and other features.Towards ilana the bottom of the set, as indicated by the led dot.Note 3: Has headset port for supervisor monitoring and control.The M3900 series empowers deep you by providing unparalleled customization options for increased productivity and ease of use. Prerequisites, meridian 1, setup x11 Software Release.2x and higher.
You will need to remove your handset for each call.