21 HOW TO USE THE sound system HOW TO change console settings To play music or audio books through the smart console sound system while you exercise, plug.5 mm male.5 mm male audio cable (not included) into the mercruiser jack on the console.
Each time you press one of the buttons, the speed factory setting will change.1 mph; if you hold down the button, manual the speed alpha setting will change in light increments.5 mph.The warranty extended hereunder is in lieu of any and inglis all other warranties, and any implied warranties of merchantability or tness browser for a particular purpose are limited in their scope and duration to the terms set forth herein.To cause further stretching of the achilles tendons, bend your back leg as well.If the walking belt has shifted dying to the left, use the hex key to turn the left idler roller mechanical screw clockwise 1/2 of a turn; if the walking belt has shifted to the right, turn the left idler roller screw counterclockwise 1/2 of a turn.HOW TO USE AN onboard workout The fan features multiple speed settings and an auto mode.Before using the handgrip heart rate monitor, remove the sheets of plastic from browser the metal Contacts contacts on the pulse bar.Remove the key from the console, and then reinsert.With the iFit mode, you can download personalized workouts, create your own workouts, track your workout results, race against other iFit users, and access many other features.Pulse workouts automatically control the speed and incline crack of the incline trainer to keep your heart rate near a target level while you exercise.Do not wear loose clothes sprayer that could become caught in the incline trainer.If you are using a personal CD player and the CD skips, set the CD player on the oor or another at surface instead of on the console.To select an onboard workout, press the Calorie button, the Intensity button, the Incline button, or the Speed button repeatedly until the desired workout appears in the display.Then, press the Enter button to select the letter, instruction number, or symbol.Reset symptom: The power turns off during use. Stretches: Quadriceps and hip muscles.