Sending updated setting values menu This function sends setting information of items 10 radar and oracle 11 to GPS to a GPS receiver.
Use the elantra following procedure to set a sensitivity correction value.
When the automatic rain/snow clutter model suppression function is ON, "A rain" is displayed on the upper right of the screen.Setting information whether a prohibited satellite can be used menu 180.The transmitting manual state and standby state are automatically switched while the intermittent transmitting function is used.This radar can display 2 VRMs (VRM#1 and VRM#2) chemistry concurrently.50 ohms YEL WHarge wire Fig.3.1kg /p p KEY (desk TOP) /p p mass approx.Three types of averaging levels, 2 seconds, manual 10 seconds, and 40 seconds, are available.If VRM2 is displayed at the same time, the center of VRM2 also moves to the fulcrum of EBL2.N 3636.000' E13636.000' compass port JLR-10(9600) 2ND panel disable nmea OUT calibration.8.25 Setting installer own ship's position custom input selection menu This function enables selection of position information from GPS or manual input as the method for inputting an own ship's position.Immediately after switching puzzles the keyboards, the modes of the gain/PL, auto-tune, auto-SEA racing and auto-rain knobs may be different from what they were before switching.2A J1001.(a) Display the installation menu by pressing the menu key in world long mode, select GPS, GPS setting, TX command and press JOG dial or ACQ/ENT.(f) Adjust the sensitivity level by turning JOG dial and end the operation custom by pressing JOG dial or ACQ/ENT.8.2 Sea clutter preset range- auto-tune auto-SEA auto-rain gain/PL menu Set the maximum control level that is indicated by turning the auto-SEA knob.Detailed contents of the prohibited action Disassembling Prohibited" in Disassembling Prohibition Prohibited the example on the left) is shown in the mark.(b) Select disp options and then EBL bearing pressing the JOG dial or ACQ/ENT key after each selection.18kg 4) Tolerance of input voltage AC 100/110/115/200/220/230V 15 50/60Hz, single phase 5) Power consumption 200VA 6) Output DC 26,.8 Cable Length between Equipment Units Maximum cable length comfort 1) From scanner unit to indicator unit Standard cable length 30m 20m * In case.Long mode : Displays a day/night menu.Caution If the set sensitivity is too low, the target of a dangerous object or ship may not be displayed.(a) Display the installation menu by pressing the menu key in long mode, select radar, radar setting, and video latitude, and press JOG dial or ACQ/ENT.1st level ATA vector true world vector length 6MIN CPA.0NM CPA ring OFF tcpa 0MIN collision OFF target number ON gate size S 2nd level 31 ATA vector true relative 6MIN true.0NM CPA ring OFF tcpa 0MIN collision OFF target number ON gate size. Normally, when deciding the height of the scanner, it is necessary to make sure that the ship's mast does not obstruct the beams.
Solvents such as gasoline, crack benzene, trichlene or ketone should never be used for this purpose.