When the manual defogger relay turns ON, power is supplied to crack the manual defogger and the hack defogger is activated. .
Solution: connect another power amp to see if the reads pre amp and source are syndicate operating normally.
The mark positive, - negative, R right channel, and L left fork channel.antenna feeder cable (rear pillar side). .Press the reads switch key on fastrack the front panel until the indicator remains.Note: the nominal crack voltage heathkit of the apparatus hack is 220V/50Hz AC power, please make sure your wall patch socket meets the specifications.If there is please contact your Vibrato TM must dealer at your earliest convenience.(Listed Records 1-20 from a Total of 1462).Not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves or other reads apparatus that produce heat.You have a 3-year pack free warranty.Connect the speaker cable to the loudspeakers with the right polarization and left and right channel connection.Check if the power amp and loudspeaker binding posts connecting the speaker cable are well connected. Note: the left and right power of NS380 are separate, and you have to switch on the power on both sides to ensure both the left and right channel operate at the same time.

Warnings: All the checks above can be done only when the main power is switched off.
Install in accordance with the manufacturers mitsubishi 380 owner's manual instructions.