22089 a pentax -OUT/UP admiralty Trim Hose b user -Front Connection on Trim Cylinder Bleeding IN/down Trim Circuit.
Check for a hook in the boat bottom by placing a straight edge, at least 6ft.
7A-5 Integral revolution MerCathode System.Caution Hold onto propeller shaft assembly in the following step to avoid dropping components when turning gear manual housing over as components could bowflex be windows damaged.Important: When using heavy duty gears with date code G-7 stamped on face of service gear, use.032.A -Oil Seals b -Pry Bar tides 3D-26 - patch alpha ONE counter rotation gear housing Bearing Carrier Reassembly.Place a mark on shift cash cable threaded tube against edge of end guide.5E-2 Diode Module Replacement.Lubricate with SAE 20 or SAE 30 Oil.Caution Refer to Special Information in the front of this section for special notes on different style shift cables.23351 tides a -Forward Gear Teeth b -Clutch Jaws.Propeller Ventilating/Cavitating Cause Remedy. Push U-joint assembly straight into drive shaft housing so that index marked teeth properly mesh.
Note:The later style forward gear bearing bore is smaller (3.2635.2650.) than pentax the earlier style (3.4985.5000.) This slightly smaller bearing bore for the forward gear bearing adaptor is approximately 1/4.
1C-25 Power Trim System Troubleshooting - Hydraulic fujitsu System on Oildyne Trim Pump.