mercruiser 4.3lx service manual

Flooding At Idle RPM 5B-9.
Rocker Arm / Push Rod 3A-27.
Inspect both systems for damage or leaks.
Nspect condition crack and tension of portable belts.2 Seawater Cooling System capacity information is for winterization manual use only.Oil level must activation driver be maintained between the ADD mark and the full mark on the dipstick.Section 7C - Collectors Torque Specifications th-f 7C-2.DL Change drive unit oil and retorque connection of gimbal ironstorm ring to steering shaft.Premium folder gasoline 92 (RM 2 Octane is also acceptable.Raise drive unit to full UP / OUT position.Cleaning and Inspection 3A-58.Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve manual 5G-23.Long periods of storage, common to boats, create unique problems. 7 th-f Minimum recorded compression in any one cylinder should not be less than 70 percent of the highest crack recorded cylinder.
Maintenance service manual number 25 Page 1B november 1999 Gas Sterndrive(Continued) Scheduled Maintenance * folder Annu- ally Every manual 100 hours or Annually Every 200 hours or 3 years Every 300 hours or 3 years Every 2 years Every 5 updates years Touch-up paint power package and spray.
If the volume of water appears to have increased, alcohol is present.