It manages to go 6 to 8 inches on some coins.
I just took it out hunting today in my backyard.
Happy Hunting from First Texas windows Products!It bounces around in tones sometimes but I can live with that, I will dig owner or probe just about anything that mask repeats anyway.When objects are detected, the detector concrete will emit a sound.USE to reduce the sensitivity Lowest sensitivity detects crack coins to approximately 2 Highest sensitivity detects coins to approximately 8 warning: Reduce the sensitivity if the detector behaves erratically.Overall Rating Mike from Salt lake arora city, utah 649 Fort Lauderdale Beaches December 23, 2009 I just purchased this MD today and made a really fun score.Or better, have a friend setup hold the detector with the searchcoil off metal manual the ground.Place the detector on a table with the searchcoil hanging over the edge.This lightweight, ruggedly constructed searchcoil can be fully submerged into water.The illuminated segment indicates the Target-ID of the last object detected.Pass the Nickel over the searchcoil and notice fogo it has been detected.Reference the RA number on your package and return the detector within 15 days of calling to: First Texas Products.L.C.Gold targets driver Gold objects will generally register toward the middle or left-of-center on the scale.High end machines are tricked by them as well.Targets that are not gold or silver register within the same range according to their electrical conductivity.8 THE basics OF metal detecting. The amount of battery voltage for cracked an alkaline battery is indicated maytag as follows: battery removal 3 segments illuminated:.1 manual volts or more 2 segments illuminated:.1.0 volts 1 segment illuminated:.5.0 volts No segments illuminated:.2.4 volts Outline Flashing.
It's a great detector for tot lots and parks, windows and nails the coins with both sensitivity and discrimination around 75 percent.
Made of strong plastic.

Keep the searchcoil parallel to the ground as you sweep; do not lift the searchcoil at the ends of your sweeps.
They have been discriminated manual for lone star metal detector out.
In tests for depth I have found the very slow sweep will find a deep coin, in the field I think I've found a nickel at 6".