Wasp: Collect the windows Wasp token one block south of the Oscorp Building.
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Easy "Guardians Of The Galaxy" achievement Unlock and purchase the following characters: Drax, Gamora, Groot, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, with Star Lord, electric and Ronan the Accuser to get the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" achievement.Reach the lower level where Deadpool's room is located, go to the far right side, then open a comic to get the "It's Me Time!" achievement.She-Hulk: Collect her token in driver the Scrapyard.Lego Marvel Superheroes cobbles together iconic Marvel characters from a plethora of different franchises.H.E.R.B.I.E.: Successfully complete Level 2: "Times Square Off".If you find any cheats that weve model missed in this guide, be sure to leave them oritron down in the comments below.Ghost Rider's Motorcycle: Defeat Ghost Rider in three races.As weve got you covered.Electro (Ultimate Taxi the character in front of the Oscorp Building manual to her destination, and collect her token.Vulture: Successfully complete the Nuff Said" bonus level.Easy "It's Me Time!" achievement Collect all of the minikits from a level, then go to the helicarrier.Easy "Bad Luck?" achievement Black Cat is found near the "Lady Liberty" marker on the map in Free Roam mode.Aunt May: Successfully complete Deadpool's three missions.Keep playing as The Thing, and farm kills on the infinite waves to get the "It's Clobberin' Time" achievement.Nightmare: Successfully complete the "Stunt Show Surprise" bonus level.Avengers Assembled: kenmore Collect all Avengers characters in the game (Single Player).If you have any more Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 money cheats or tips, please leave a comment and well add it to this guide with credit to you.Earn "True Believer" status in all story and hub missions model (26).X4 Multiplier: Use a telekinesis character in the "Tabloid Tidy Up" bonus level to rearrange the trophies in the back office.Green Goblin: Successfully complete Level 9: "Doctor In The House". Hydra Soldier, crysis b7AA3K, iron Man (Mark 17 - cream "Heart Breaker 2ngsrz, iron Man (Mark 38 - "Hulkbuster.
Thor: Successfully complete Level 7: "Bifrosty Reception".
When was utilities the last time you typed code a string of random characters into a game and made something awesome happen?