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Because we don't like to make people feel like they years are left out, there carolla are also downloads available for the non-Windows versions kelley of the game in a manual separate section that you can find crack above.Now you must win back all those provinces which once belonged to your king.And now even the king himself, ensconced in his capital, is threatened by enemy armies.Improvements include smarter serf AI, an improved town tutorial (English only fixing a bug causing the game to crash when pausing in the Polish version of the game and other minor improvements to make the game experience smoother.It works pretty well for what it does, unfortunately it suffers similar problems as the font editor where some colors are doubled in a palette and as such may end up giving strange animating effects to your graphics as these entries jukebox are reserved for animating.Game features : Middle ages simulation and Real-time strategy 2 campaigns "The Shattered Kingdom" and "The Peasants Rebellion" with a total of 34 missions.The strategic AI is pretty much pre-scripted and trigger-based, and the computer players often outnumber you (but dont do much in the way of building or repair the tactical AI, on the other hand, can be competent in battle.And despite full the Merchants part of the title, theres little trade outside of your village.Other than in the all-combat scenarios, most of gameplay involves building up a village and its complex economy to the point where you can deploy armies and take them on the offensive.Size: rocket 15 Mb, author(s Joymania, download, font Editor r799 (Krom and Lewin).Instead of just one or two resources and single-level production youve got up to five raw resources and multiple levels of production, much of it cross-linked.This is the latest English demo available for the original game.This particular editor allows you to alter the terrain of maps and also add scenery objects like trees or rocks.This is because a good part of the team that worked on The Settlers also created this current game.Main, laserjet you have arrived at the downloads section of the website. Note that the German version is the version fixed by The Barbarian so that the briefings appear in the correct missions again and mission 20 no longer crashes.

Patches, the Peasants Rebellion.60 Patch, this knights and merchants 2 game full is an unofficial patch to the game developed to fix many of the longstanding bugs that were never fixed by any of the official patches.
All references to BlackStar have been removed from the German version.