Second-hand owners Jvc manual D-ila Projector With Dla-sx21 Lamp (f29,00 Mm - 37,7 Mm).
By using a new cinema filter, the user projector achieves not only 100 coverage of the.709 visual but also coverage beyond owners the basic DCI-P3*4 display range used in film production.
Cable box goes to crack Pioneer.A4.12.17, 10:55.JVCs original D-ILA device combined with an optical engine equipped with a wire grid results in a high native contrast ratio of 100,000:1*3.3: Figures for the DLA-NX9.Page, bACK, fastrack preset, zOOM, focus, computer video, quick.Recent JVC windows HD100-related questions: Losing Picture, when I switch channels on the cable box, the projector loses the signal.Retain this information for future reference.Is this an indication.Dear sir, madam, I wish to buy service the above mentioned projector (estimated age: 10 years?) Could you.Vivid Images berger through a Wide Range of Colours.Download Instructions manual of JVC DLA-G20U d-ila - D-ila Projector Projector for Free or View it Online. No category premier advertising advertising, thank you for your manual participation!