The outputs are:1 Fire, 2 ebook PA, 3 installation Intruder, 4 Set, 5 Abort.
Press prog LCD Indications Enter Your Code LED Indications Attack/PA 0 Walk test To exit Engineer program mode press reset Defaulting Panel to Factory running Settings caution: All configurations of lexmark the setup panel are reset to factory default conditions.
Removing the Front Cover R.All of the system wiring is connected directly to the panel.Fitting the Panel 3 ilana 8 PCB Accenta/Optima Engineer s Manual latest PCB There are four fuses mounted on autumn the circuit board, all are 20mm anti-surge.Accenta G4 alarm installation ebook manual The key subject for this report is generally lined about accenta G4 alarm installation manual and paris fulfilled with all essential user and helping information about the topic.3 lexmark The baseplate mounting holes are 60 mm centres (LED keypad) or 75 mm (LCD keypad) which allow it to be fixed to a single gang electrical metal box.Panel 13vspeaker F2 1A strobe - T SC B bell - J6 SET ve bell/strobe Board F3 1A 16 Ohms Extension Speaker Figure.This function tests all the outputs on the system." # Zones Power Attack Tamper Day Chime Omit Reset Prog 4 9 Set Accenta/!Press the up arrow or number installation 2 or 3 for the other functions.Press 1-8 or up arrow to go to another option under Flag.Flag 3 Flag 3 shows the Software Version of the panel and may be requested when contacting technical support. LCD keypad: Press up arrow for menu Test games Outputs.

Operational in Unset and Set, the PA circuit will cause a full alarm condition when activated.
LCD installation manual accenta g4 Keypad: Press up arrow for menu Alarm Test.
The total current output of this control system (in alarm condition) is 1A when supported by a fully charged battery.