honeywell cm67ng installation manual

Move the fogo CM67NG slider to the OFF position (for CM61NG security push the OFF button) and press the temp, and prog 1 buttons together.
2 in the installer set-up mode No action internet required.
Leave at least 30cm distance from any metal objects including wall boxes and boiler housing.
Start UP, the, cM67/61NG room unit is factory bound with the HC60NG relay box.1 optimisation manual enabled CM67NG slider CM61NG press the auto.2 Installer Set-Up akai Number (Press or - to change).g.The kaspersky RF system will com- mence normal operation immediately.6 1 No action owner required owner 12 1 Set Cycle/Hour to 12 3.No action required.Cycle/ Minimum Note: Hour ON Time.Installer SET-UP mode Installer Set-Up Mode allows changing the controller parameters so it can manual meet speci c application requirements or customer's needs.Exit the test codec mode by moving the CM67NG slider to the MAN or auto position (for CM61NG press MAN or auto button).Press info button crack to con rm the change.Parameters setting Press or - to go to the next parame- ter and follow steps 3 4 to make changes.CM67/61NG can only be used for games single zone cooling applications (no zoning for cooling allowed).To exit the Installer Set-Up Mode move the 7 to the auto or MAN position (for or MAN button). It is recommended that the HC60NG relay box is installed before commencing express with the Room Unit installation.
If red LED still ashes akai push the button again until binding is successful.
Move the CM67/61NG slider to autoor MAN position(for CM61NG press the autoor MAN button).

Select the honeywell cm67ng installation manual fail-safe mode by pressing temp or buttons.
Move the CM67/61NG slider to auto or MAN position(for CM61NG press the auto or MAN button).
(if the accessory module is applied the room unit must be located with the module attached).