Croc chomp 5 KB owners Chomping crocodile.
Comic Sound Pack is a pack of sound serial effects best to be used with Morphvox.
Chime loser down 9 KB Chime down.
Call to arms 138 KB Bugle or trumpet sounding military call to arms.Applause 3 93 KB, people applauding.Boxing bell multiple 20 KB Boxing bell ringing multiple times.5 Perfect draw Sound Recorder 679 Shareware.Baby 17 KB, baby cooing.5 Screaming Bee 2,474 Freeware. 16 Shareware, excellent arkanoid game with awsome visual and sound effects.Coin 53 order KB Coin being inserted into indonesia vending cefiro machine or slot machine. 1,265 Shareware, it allows you to cut mp3 or wav sound piece from big mp3 or wav format.Car crash generator 42 KB Car crashing.Cuckoo clock 1 20 KB Cuckoo clock chiming once.Buzzer 17 KB Loud buzzer going off, such as you hear at basketball games.Car skid 31 KB Car skidding.Crash 10 KB Crash.Baby cry 141 KB, baby crying.4 biggest Rhode Island Soft Systems, Inc.More high Wav Sound Effects Hockey Goal. Car horn 11 KB Car horn.
Buzzer 3 17 KB Buzzer sounding three times in quick succession.
effects telecharge manual

Can pop 17 KB Can of soda or beer popping open.
Cheering long 188 hockey sound effects wav files KB Crowd cheering for 17 seconds.