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Fortnite Tomatohead challenges we noticed throughout Gamescom, however with conair extra emphasis on The Getaway latest LTM.The High Stakes occasion additionally guarantees to convey the.Semi-Auto Sniper rifle decreased from Epic arabic and Legendary to Uncommon and Rare.Fixed several UI sound issues.Fix an issue where continuously clicking on the "Select Game Mode" page would prevent it from closing.Cleaned up logging edition ubuntu spam waver to improve client performance.Fixed ammo quantity counts not updating properly on the inventory screen details panel.The Getaway seems to be like an important twist on the battle royale method, and were excited to get into it).Performance edit Applied a variety of optimizations to reduce a large hitch when another winzip player joins a game in progress.Grappler (Battle Royale ubuntu make a daring stakes escape or get into the action quickly!Gameplay edit In the moving storm phases, when the storm reaches its destination, stakes it will cause a surge of energy that destroys player-built structures located on the storm wall.The Bikes should run clean now.Fortnites Revolver vaulted, so its not all good news, but there will also be plenty of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.Increased drop stack count for Boogie Bomb from 1.Made improvements to the Particle System and Sound waver performance when playing in a Death Burst modifier zone.Fixed an issue causing the crosshair to drift if player rapidly presses aim down sights with sniper rifles.Bug Fixes Corrected some issues with screen resolution in certain locales on Android. The Event Store item quantity now properly updates.