Games can take up either 36k or 20gb?
14- Final Fantasy Tactics.18- GameBoy Advance (241 games).The PSP may game take a few moments to process the new keygen obscure data.24- Metal Slug Anthology.6- Atari 5200 (full game set).PC games: 1- Cat Mario.12- Final Fantasy III.26- Ratchet Clank Size Matters.Anyways its game xbox all diff dep on the game.To manual check the storage availability, insert the Memory Stick into the PSP, then xbox select Photo, Music, Video or Game xbox from the home menu.42- TurboGrafx CD (24 games).17- GameBoy Color (full game set).5- bios Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII.37- revista Super Nintendo (full game set). 32- Sega CD (46 obscure games).
Extra: 120 Custom enero themes.
20- Kingdom Hearts Birth by revista Sleep.

10- BBC-Micro-Computer (full game set).
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Make sure when buying the memory card please let me know what model is your psp and system software flow for psp games memory stick version on the message box so I can give you the correct files.