emerson microwave owner manual

Press " kitchen timer ".
11 operation(continued) cooking IN TWO stages Set up to two cooking stages as scrapbook follows:.
1 2 Do NOT blocks perl operate the oven empty.If the door is opened while the oven is operating, the magnetron will automatically shut off.4 5 Do NOT attempt to dry clothes, newspapers or other materials in keygen the oven.Press number keys to set the desired cooking time.2 1 1/2 cups 4 - 6 min.Foods will not burn or stick, so theres no need to stir constantly as you do in conventional cooking.All font Rights Reserved, all information, content and specifications on this website can be subject to change without notice.Heat the removed mashed potatoes in an individual dish.These must keygen be pierced manual before cooking to prevent bursting.22 - 27 min.2 - 3 min.Save these instructions 3 safety precautions General Use Do NOT attempt to tamper with or make any adjustments or repairs to door, control panel or any other part of the oven.Allow plastic wrap to remain over the dish for two minutes to allow heat mims to equalize.Button to start cooking; the display will countdown the remaining cooking time in minutes and seconds.(c) If materials inside the oven should ignite, keep oven door closed, turn oven off, with and disconnect the power game cord, or shut off power at the fuse or circuit breaker panel.Follow the steps on the previous page (cooking thrones IN ONE stage) to set a second stage, then press the start/30SEC.Pancakes do not crust, but they reheat well.Authorized service call toll free: FOR additional SET-UP OR operating assistance please call: FOR customer service, please write TO: Emerson thomson Radio Corp.Emerson MW8119SB Owners Manual - Page 9 oven cavity and prevents microwave leakage.Weight defrost button-used enterprise to set the oven to estimate the defrosting time by enterprise weight entered. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.
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Microwave energy activates the molecules in the food (especially water, fat and sugar and heat is produced.