This takes away the challenge of getting the correct speed for each track, but acronis if you're a vista purist, you can of course sync up your tunes manually, the old school way.
DJ Mixstation astro 4 is crack the latest addition to driver the acclaimed DJ Mixstation series.
The patch tempo slider can be switched between standard pitch mode (where the tempo and key of the track change in unison, as they would on a traditional turntable or CDJ tempo mode (where the key remains constant) and key mode (where the tempo remains constant).
The jog wheel can be switched to Vinyl Mode, allowing you to digitally scratch service the track and spin it crack back.Newbies won't find the rudimentary manual much help (the online help was down when crack crack we tried it) and the lack printer of multi-out audio interface support is a kick in the nuts, but still, this is a good entry point into digital DJing.Sync two tracks together automatically and let DJ Mixstation 4 do the mixing for you.There's an manual EQ, compressor and limiter on the master output too to assist you in getting a 'big' sound.While DJ Mixstation will make mixstation sure crack a track plays at the right tempo, it doesn't automatically make sure the beats are in sync, even when using the match button.Change your track Tempo / Pitch / Speed - 100).Mix your tracks with ease and play them out to a live audience.Turn your Laptop or Desktop into a DJing platform.Powerful auto BPM synchronisation AND acronis beat matching.DJ Mixstation 4 is an entirely separate product from the rest of eJay range - in fact uses the engine from the well-regarded MixVibes DJing software and is all the better for. This makes use of the jog wheel necessary to bring them into line.

Features include Tempo Changer, Pitch Shifter, Auto BPM counter and synchronisation, Crossfader and Effects.
Automatic BPM detection, Synchronisation and Match 15 effects ejay dj mixstation 4 crack 2 virtual decks with 8 pad sampler 1,000 royalty free samples to add into the mix.
Ideal for practicing in your bedroom, mixing at a house party or playing at a full blown live event.