Bottom line: if youre keen on math, or really any stem discipline, this book provides a decidedly comprehensive maor look at a number that deserves more attention than it usually receives.
Isbn, trigonometric Delights, Princeton University Press, 2002, iSBN.
crack The Facts on File Calculus Handbook (Facts on File, 2003 2005, Checkmark Books, an encyclopedia of infiniti calculus concepts geared for high school and college students.Seriously, I have no idea why he jammed this shit into the conclusion.Math is weird as hell, Im telling you.We soon discover, through differential calculus, that e is pretty badass.And by calcolatori presenting mathematics in game terms of evanovich the humans who evanovich produced it, he places the subject where it belongs-squarely in the centre of janet the humanities." -Jerry.And island get this: the exponential excel function ex is equal to its own derivative.Categories: MathematicsAlgebra, year: 1994, edition: 1, language: english, pages: 236.Then, after some binomial formula ebook gymnastics, which are aided by an obliging infinite series, we see why the limit of (1 (1/n)n, a formula related to compound interest, tends to e as n tends to infinity.The area in question is expressed by the logarithmic function with base e, or the natural log.The book begins with an introduction to logarithms, highlighting books the relationship between the arithmetic and geometric progressions contained therein.Cons: The book did not really explore the more interesting real-life applications.In this informal and engaging history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters calcolatori and the elegant mathematics that lie behind the number.Here are some pros and cons I believe are worth mentioning: Pros: The book does a much better job than most pop science books with its balance of history and actual mathits decidedly skewed toward the math!Designed for a reader with only a modest background game in mathematics, this biography of IeN brings out that number's central importance in mathematics and illuminates a golden era in the age of science.Ebook version, in PDF format, full text presented.Louis are all intimately connected with the mysterious number IeN.Isbn, venus in Transit, 2000, Princeton University Press.Youve just gotta love those logs!Also, the math game in question, while detailed, can still be grasped by those who have studied a bit of calculus at the university level.Technion Israel reap Institute of Technology. He teaches the history of mathematics.

2, selected works edit, to Infinity and Beyond: A Cultural History of the Infinite, 1991, Princeton University Press.
Included is a simple e the story of a number eli maor pdf derivation which shows that eix cos x i sin x, which thus links the exponential function (of an imaginary variable) to trigonometric functions.
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