Carlos is miserable because he is in love with someone who doesn't even notices him.
Francois covers for Emily Day 2: game After two day in bed, Emily comes down to cancionero work only after Francois forces her hand.
Carmen and windows Isabel crack return and thank Emily for her help; she replies that file she's stuck there until they find her suitcase.
She agrees with everybodys opinion and tell Emily to keep the crack puppy, now named Rosie.By the end of cancionero the day Emily meets the previous windows owner of the place,.Box Two Oops, windows I Did It Again: You deleted 20 items from the tray and completed the day.November 30th, 2011, developer, gameHouse, available on, pC, iOS, Android.She is so tired that she doesn't even notice.Day 8 - Will Carmen change her mind?Mom and dad offer to help out, so use them.Emily's mother senses the crush both of them cracked have and teases Emily about.Restaurant 4 Chez Jean Paul Reunited Emily arrives at Chez Jean Paul, an outdoor cafe with a taringa little pigeon problem.All mice locations Restaurant 4 Chez Jean Paul Day 1: No sign of Jean Paul, so Emily might as well help out in his restaurant while she waits for him.You dont have to wait to see the money fly above the register to move on to the next scrabble task.Hide and Cheats Find sneaky Jean Paul Day 4: Emily returns to Amelie with the good news.Emilys suitcase is found!Behind the counter is Franco, a father of five who is panicking at the thought of an impending health inspection.Here, you will be given the option of watching a tutorial to learn the basics: Fill the customers orders (the quicker the better.Day 10: Emilys true love is revealed!Combolicious: You achieved a 2-customer bonus three times in a row.8 items from the suitcase Day 4: Emily figures out that Carlos is secretly in love with Carmen and hatches a plan full to get the star-crossed lovers together.After her shift, Emily learns Jean Pauls restaurant has a two-star rating from the prestigious Blumfield organization.Rugs 'n Cushions (Exclusive file Premium Content Customers feel right at home and increase their tip with these rugs and cushions. Day 3: Will the two former lovers pick up where they left off?
Carlos surprises both of them at the end of the day, saying crack his dream wasn't to run a salsa studio, but to be with Carmen.
They all go up to Emily's home and find a letter she wrote explaining she left to Paris.