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Mint GNU/Linux Mint does not have a gnulinux policy against including nonfree software, it includes manual nonfree binary blobs in drivers packaged editor with the kernel, and it includes nonfree programs in its repositories.
Gentoo GNU/Linux, gentoo includes installation recipes for a number of nonfree programs in its primary package system.
That page spreads confusion by using the misleading term intellectual property rights, which editor falsely presumes that debian trademark law player and patent civic law and several other laws belong in one player single conceptual framework.Debian vector is working with FSF on this debian system, called Debian GNU/Hurd.7.5 What is a Debian conffile?How do I know ford which distribution I am running?Debian's wiki also includes pages about dictionary block installing nonfree firmware.Instead of this nonfree distribution, use.If even that doesn't help, refer.This is an instance of how open is weaker than free.The manual distributions that do have a policy unfortunately aren't strict enough, as explained below.Of course, with no firm policy in place, there might be other nonfree software included that we missed. Besides its kernel, a "Linux" system usually has: a wide gnulinux range of Unix utilities, block many of which have been developed by the GNU project and the Free Software Foundation.
Org/ports nonlinux for more information about these non-linux ports.
Org/ports/hurd/ for more information about Debian GNU/Hurd.

Parabola or, hyperbola, free distros which are made from.
What distinguishes the various Linux distributors are the software, protocols, and practices they use for packaging, installing, and tracking applications packages on users' systems, combined with installation and maintenance tools, documentation, and other services.
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