dawn of war 2 patch 1.9

Full Auto and Shoot 'em Good both retuned once again to only hit one entity for their duration.
Eldar Warp Spider Squad: Exarch cost reduced from 85/15 to 50/15.
Drains 5 energy per second of use." (The ability is free to toggle on/off with a para small cooldown first between the patch states.) Orks Stormboy: Health increased from 180 to 190.Update: 9/4/2014 11:20am PST, updated Build:.6.10216: Dawn of War 2, fortuna features removed: LAN / Direct Connect.We will be reaching known moders for their help but if you excel have what it takes to create custom skins or already have some work done please feel free to reach us!As promised here is the first release, please reefer to the included sims Readme file for a full armageddon details on the change trojan log.Ability to Pause during multiplayer.These have now been separated per title and using Relic Servers.(SM Lascannon is 33 dps, Chaos Lascannon.24 user dps.) Conversion Beamer upgrade also grants the squad the Electropulse ability.Map Updates: The following maps have been updated: (Remember, old maps can still be updated back with the Extra Map Pack!Don't have a lot codes more to say then what I said after.9.0.(The Storm Bolter is mostly a ceremonial addition at this point, so it's set to match the 25 dps of the Rhino's pintle bolter.His armament now includes the top-mounted Storm Bolter.(Only a cosmetic change, the weapon is the same.) Squad now has the Conversion Beamer upgrade.Operatives Squad is now responsive when throwing the Smoke/Incendiary Grenades.Raptors no longer display the demoralize vfx occasionally when the AC kills a foe.(Daemon Maul stats mirror the Power Fist patch pre.9.0.No hot user topics to display.Just drop them either in here, or in the Discord server!Extra Map Pack(Mega extra Map Pack(Google Drive) (Instructions on how to install the Map Pack are included in the readme file.).please note: If you live in a country not supported crack by FileFront like most libro latin american countries, spain, france, italy or russia, you will need to download this mod form rapid share (you can find a link in the first comment on this release for.M/indrid, also, Black Relic works on his own True40k Mod. Steam Community and Help needed: We are going to focus the next few days on setup a steam community army than can be used for match making, feedback collection and mod promotion.
YOU ARE THE most important part OF this MOD.
Indrid, thank you for handling the graphics for.9.1 and for keeping the community alive through your casts.

Not a lot for a T3 super, but it's nice to have.) -Operatives Smoke Grenade malignant vfx set to closely match the impact time.
Psilencers dawn of war 2 patch 1.9 wargear and upgrade has been renamed to Psycannons.
Custom Chapters: -Found a way to add custom skins for the default chapters!