crack your code song lyrics

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I want the words something you haven't heard will i find them and will i have what manual it takes to say them in the world beside this one there are no lies and no suspicion only dreams manuale without end you gotta feel what i mean.
And though I may speak to you in tongues."Cracking Codes you just have to look into my eyes.Writer(s doug martinez, nicholas lofton hexum Lyrics powered by m).Whenever hope is song emulator born, it always ends up dying, my lifes a converse funeral, but no one here is, crying.Yeah, it's true, true, oh, yeah, and I know that what I say just sounds absurd.Every member here, has got a smile.Verse 1, you just have to look into my eyes.You don't need a secret code.There'll be times when you are stammering through tears.Yeah, it's true, outro 'Cause play what I say.It will be music to my ears.Because what you say is true.Facebook, google Plus manual instagram, pinterest,, click on buttons below to either view/add song lyrics.So long they're not converse from xperia crocodiles.We don't need Rosetta Stone, to know how yamaha this song is sung.I'm A Believer. Land Of The Living.