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SAMs V trident B,E576,E758, X138,X180,X468P,X478,X568 added (dunl, IM,FL) USB flashing introduced for HPE models (U600.BB5 rapu Based Products duty USB Flashing / UI support added: RM-884 (302).Qualcommlsi S8000L added (FL) broadcom S5620B,S5628i added (FL) common Used Abbrevations List can be seen at the Bottom of this page.New DCT4 rancher UNL versions support: RH-99.91, RH-100.80, RH-105.91, RH-106.80, RM-305.91 testversion (1200, 1200b, 1208, 1208b, 1650).Info Shows Camera DCC settings and testversion Status (for both manual Cameras).Local RPL Service Fixed for asic 2,5,6,7,11 (UEM_pasw is Correct now) Note: Need Confirm Readout and Use UEM imei when do Rd UEM.UFS_SAMs v swift-aerofone ufshwk-setupwithout T239 added (cunl, FL) broadcom Fixed UnFreeze Key Display.UFS_SAMs v trident vision calendar M2513 added (UNL, cunl,IM, FL) swift Added MCU_Id and Type Display.Many thanks to electronics all production those who have supported us!By continuing to use Pastebin, resources you agree crack to our use of cookies production as described in the.Swift-aerofone E1080i,E1086,E1086L,E1170,T139 added (cunl, punl,PIM, FL) On the Fly E2P Patch added to keep Original imei number.Corrected DCT4 unlock error messages.DCT4 infineon Based Products Flashing / UI support added: (105,210.MTK: 70, GS190,GS200,GS205 added.SAMs V swift-aerofone E1260B,E1260L added (punl, PIM,FL) E1265,E2262 added (UNL, sect,IM, font FL) infineon C3322i,C3590,C3592 added (cunl, punl,PIM, FL,UFL) Many thanks to all enhwi-n those who have supported us!SAMs V trident S730i (dunl, IM,FL)added.Improved FileOpen dialog, to Override suggested path to last used on same model.Restart Button now Exit TAT mode with Battery.UFS_SAMs V swift Some duos models Slave Boot bug Fixed.You must gothic know how to use the software and what each function does. New DCT4 products:.
HWK _Setup v02.09.000.exe video manual.

1st boot : C0,0C Rm-84, oMAP ID : 17100701, oMAP mode :.
Enhanced 4CC protocol handler (fixed error on PC busy) trident vision E21x,J60x fixed (INF, dunl,IM) M310 added (FL, cunl) Enhanced 4CC protocol handler (fixed error on PC busy) OM(sysol) A117,C288,M130L added (dunl, IM,FL, sect) E746 bug fixed.

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