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Dealer faces life and "Flawed sentencing the crack main reason for race disparity; In 1993, crack smokers got 3 years; coke snorters got 3 months." The president of the extract Los Angeles chapter of the tube naacp issued the archive following statement in inglaterra response to the Dark Alliance series.
A b "Central Intelligence Agency Inspector General Report of Investigation Allegations of Connections Between CIA and the Contras manual in Cocaine Trafficking to the United States (96-0143-IG) Volume II: The Contra Story".
A two-year investigation produced a 1,166-page report mirror in 1989 analyzing the involvement of Contra groups and supporters in drug trafficking, and the role of United States government officials in these manual activities.While the allegation of a deliberate government plan was not explicitly made, the drumbeat of questions insinuated a multi-agency, government scheme designed to protect Blandon's illegal activities, which "opened the first pipeline between Colombia's cocaine cartels and the black neighborhoods of Los Angeles." The Mercury.According player to the series, Ross was a major drug dealer in Los Angeles, and Blandón and Meneses were Nicaraguans who smuggled drugs into the.S.Louis (AP) Two."The web that Gary spun".They identified the Cuban-Americans as members of Brigade 2506, an anti-Castro group that participated in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba.By The Associated PressJune 29, 2019 miami (AP) Authorities in Florida say they have lyrics arrested seven people who operated a large-scale prescription drug trafficking ring.June 20, 2019 boston (AP) Authorities arrested 14 people and seized more some than 24 kilograms (53 pounds) of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine as a result of a two-year drug trafficking investigation, Massachusetts.Blandon and Meneses were said to have used their drug trafficking profits to help fund the Contra army's war effort.In fact, a prophetic editorial that appeared in the Mercury News on August 21, 1996, the day after the Dark Alliance series finished running in the paper, made just that point.Newhagen, "Commander Zero blasts CIA, State Department United Press International (March 25, 1985).1 The report said: "We have evidence of a limited number of incidents in which known drug traffickers have tried to establish connections with Nicaraguan resistance groups" and that the drug activity took place "without the authorization of resistance leaders." 1 Kerry Committee edit Main.Several people here share that burden.Central Intelligence Agency, a number of writers have alleged that the United States.Contra war in, nicaragua and the, iranContra affair during the, reagan Administration.And if Blandon is to be believed, there is no connection between Contras and the cause of the crack epidemic because Blandon said Ross was already a well-established dealer with several ready sources of supply by the time he started buying cocaine from Blandon."Los Angeles Sherrif's Department Inquiry Findings"."Washington Post response to Mercury News Executive Editor Jerry Ceppos".Dark Alliance: The CIA, The Contras, And The Crack Cocaine Explosion.The archive first article, by Katz, developed a different picture of the origins of the crack trade than "Dark Alliance" had described, with more gangs and smugglers participating. Webb's series led to three federal crack investigations, none of which found evidence of any associated conspiracy by the CIA or its employees to bring drugs into the United States.