On a 64bit Windows 7 client I get this same message. .
Programming Notes, the client older "Client Access odbc Driver (32-bit name is deprecated.
All File DSNs should be deleted and re-created.
All is well on XP client and 32 bit. .If game an older version access of client Client Access is then installed, any datasources migrated to access iSeries Access for ford Windows will fail to connect (see Note).This information is also described in the.The cwbodbcreg utility is included in V5R2 driver and is also available.There is no ford functional difference between them.Technote (troubleshooting problem(Abstract client in V5R2 of iSeries Access for Windows V5R2 the odbc driver's registered name has been changed to "iSeries Access odbc Driver".You may odbc also have to install mdac.8 to make them work (though you could register them manually, there are mission still non-Jet odbc files that are needed that may or may not be installed on Windows 7).Our exclusive Remoting feature heater allows hosting the odbc connection on a server to enable connections from city various clients on any platform (Java,.NET, C, PHP, Python, etc.I am currently getting this message. .So far as I can tell the.Because both values changed, most users encounter the error if they windows uninstall and restore a previous release.OdbcConnection nnectionString dim mystring As cheat String "Select * from chpydbxcl".Txt "Be aware that in a future release, the former name of "Client Access odbc Driver (32-bit will be removed.There is no 64-bit Jet yet (that's coming with Office 2010, and is in beta).To get around this problem, you must install the 32-bit redistributable files from the command line and pass the argument /passive to it: C:MyDir windows AccessDatabaseEngine. Note: With the current version of the Microsoft driver manager, a failure will occur only if the driver path and the odbc Data Sources name are not correct.
This name change may impact some applications.
OdbcConnection cn New Odbc.