cleo 4 gta sa setup

To install the germs library, run the speed installer and follow its instructions.
NTAuthority and link/2012-for assistance with warfare cleo.3.
Cleo 4 uses 3 files in multiplayer the work: vorbisFile.
Changes in version.3.10: improvement of OpCodes 0AE1, 0AE2/0AE3; Fixed code 0AD2.UPD: Only for owners of Steam GTA San Andreas (game bought via steam this version of cleo 4 works with Steam version of GTA San Andreas.Mistakes in mod description?To install the library run the installer and follow its instructions.Cleo 4 library contains 100 speed useful opcodes, which warfare allow build you to edit the data in memory games, working with external files, warfare call the function with its gaming, and much more.In the fourth version, new commands patch for working with sounds, strings, adds the ability to display the text without the use need of external files (gxt,.GXT).Cleo 4 library has 100 useful opcodes that allow working with external files, changing the game memory, calling exe functions with custom parameters and much more.In order to evaluate new opportunities and use them in your scripts, install the latest version of cleo.Information on the changes in version.3 and a more detailed description of the features you can find in the cleo readme files that are included with the library.Mfisto for alpha-testing of cleo 4, tips and support.Cleo 4 adds to the game 100 new scripting commands speed that allow you to work steel with external files, changing the game memory, calling exe functions with custom parameters and much more.Thanks: Stanislav Golovin (a.k.a listener) the huge work in the study of the game.Downloads:.4M, not well provided author?Dll version.4, which is multiplayer already built into the installer. In the fourth version has new opcodes to work with sounds, text formatting has been added to display texts without using external text files (gxt,.GXT).
Cleo 3 supports three versions of the game GTA San Andreas:.0,.01,.0 (steam).
Preliminary do not forget to install: Patch for GTA San Andres Steam.00 09:30:08 download the zip-file without installer, xbox views: 231.7k, steel virus Detection Ratio: 0 ( 0/59 ).

07:06:57 download the zip-file without installer, views:.7M, virus Detection Ratio: 0 ( 0/58 ).
Dll version.4, which is already built into the installer!
This library is required for cleo 4 gta sa setup the cleo scripts.